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Book reading is not only a useful habit but a knowledgeable activity that makes you concentrate and expand your knowledge. By reading books regularly, readers experience a great boost in their problem-solving ability, writing skills, and analytical mastery.  

Welcome to the bestbookgadgets. You’re in the right place to explore what reading habit is and how you can make reading an enjoyable activity? We’ll bring all the best book reading gadgets in front of you on this platform and we’ll also help you understand how different reading gadgets can benefit you.

Who would get benefit from this website? How can we help you?

If you want to develop a reading habit, but don’t know from where to start, what kind of books should you read in the beginning or if you have built reading habit but unable to continue due to some external issue like feeling neck pain while reading etc, then you are in a right place.

We would help you to build a longlasting reading habit.
You need two things in order to develop a reading habit. One is the right strategy and the second one is Right tools or gadgets and here you would get both.

Many people complain about physical symptoms when they hold books for long hours. Here, we’ll bring some best book reading gadgets that will help you to continue reading for longer.

Types of readers

There are various types of readers but if we talk about the broad category, there are two sorts of readers.
1) Paperbacks reader.
2) Kindle reader.
The person who prefer reading using a peperback is called paperback reader. The paperback is also known as softback because of the paperboard cover or thick paper used for covering the book pages instead of hardcover. 

The other type of readers is Kindle readers. The new generation is getting attracted to this type of reading too much because of its convenience. The Kindle is is an e-reader which gives access to lots of newspapers, books, magazines, and various other reading contents. Not only provides the facility of online reading but also helps the enthusiastic readers to purchase any book they like. 

Everyone chooses the medium of reading according to their way of learning and interest. Whether you are a paperback reader or a Kindle reader, you need the best reading gadgets for getting the thrill of reading to its fullest.

Let’s discuss both types of readers in detail.

1- Kindle reader

The Kindle readers are the ones who get the benefit of having numerous books and other reading stuff in one device. The kindle book reader is light-weight and easy-to-carry. It is much smaller and compact than a paperback. 

The kindle has many benefits over paperback. You get instant access to your most favourite books. Moreover, if you don’t find a book interesting or have finished reading a book, you don’t have to go anywhere to buy a new book. Without leaving your comfortable bed, you can start reading the book you are craving for.

Most readers have the habit of reading books before sleeping. But when lying on your bed, holding a kindle in your hands is so painful. To make it comfortable you need a kindle stand or a kindle pillow holder which would be a better remedy.

2- Paperback reader

The people who are fond of reading books by grabbing them physically in their hands prefer paperback. The paperback is a bit inexpensive as compared to the kindle reader because you can buy a second-hand book also.
Many people give more importance to paperback over kindle due to some reasons like marking a powerful line or paragraph in order to read them again. So, we can’t say that paperbacks are outdated and have no value in the modern age.
Like kindle Lovers, paperback lovers also have to use the book reading gadgets for getting full fun of their reading habit. A handy gadget like a book page holder can help them read conveniently. By using a book holder for reading in bed, they can keep on reading for long hours. 

Kindle vs Paperback:   

That is true, paperbacks are replaced by Kindle device. But we can’t say that no one chooses paperbacks now. Still, there are numbers of readers who prefer paperback.

If we look at the benefits of a Kindle device, it is one of the best reading device that gives you thousands of books all together. If you find a book boring, start reading another book without spending any extra money or effort. It’s light-weight and gives faster access to your desired reading material. Downloading any book from kindle is more than easy while in the case of a paperback, you have to go to the market to buy a new book. 

The paperback gives you an awesome feel when you read something from it. The feel of holding a book physically in your hands and the way you get connected to the characters of the story you’re reading is too exceptional. Apart from that, we can highlight any line or paragraph that inspire us more. But with a kindle, there is no such thing. 

In short, we can’t say that kindle is the winner or the paperback on the whole because both of them are equally important. It all depends on you when it comes to choosing a specific medium for reading.

Best book reading gadgets to read comfortably

As I told you before in order to develop a long-lasting reading habit you would have to use gadgets and tools.

No matter what type of reader you are, we’ll help you to read in a perfectly comfortable environment. For that, we will discuss all the best reading gadgets that will make reading an exciting experience for you. Numerous reading gadgets are available in the market that makes the book reading lovers feel relaxed whenever they read. By using the best reading gadgets, you can save yourself from any physical symptoms that do appear after picking the reading gadgets for a long. Several reading gadgets on the market are getting popularity day by day because of their usefulness. Use DIY book light, heated blanket, bed rest pillow especially the one pillow with arms and cup holder, and much more to read with comfort. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out in finding the best reading gadgets. So keep in touch and be informed of all the latest reading gadgets we’ll research, test, and present here for you.