About Us

Who am I ?

Basically I am an entrepreneur. I love to read books and to share the knowledge which I learn from books by converting the deep philosophy into simple words. English is not my native language but I try my best to convey the message in a way that a user can understand it easily.

Why Reading is Important

” He that loves reading has everything within his reach ”
 William Godwin
According to me, book reading is so important and I think if you want to be an entrepreneur, businessman, motivational speaker, best writer, you have to read tons of books. And it is a fact, take a look at big entrepreneurs or businessmen like Bil Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen R.Covey, Dale Carnegie, they all are readers.

What this website is all about?

Bestbookgadgets.com is about reading habit tips, book reading Gadgets. To develop a habit or repeat something again and again, you not only need a great motivation but you also need some tools and strategy by using and following them you can develop or enjoy reading. We want to make your habit easy by recommending the gadgets which directly or indirectly helps you to make this habit easy, enjoyable, comfortable.