8 Best Book Holders for Reading in Bed Comfortably

8 Best Book Holders for Reading in Bed Comfortably

Wrist pains are the primary hindrance when you want to read more in bed. Thanks to the bed book holders, you can now freely enjoy long hours of reading in bed without having to leave your blanket.

Here we have the 8 best book holders for beds in a row. Out there, bookworms are glad to have them and wish they would have found to earlier.

You wish the same, right? Never mind, let’s get ahead so you can pick the best option.

However, you can also check the list of out top book reading accessories that every avid reader should have.

At a Glance:

Guide to Buy the Best Book Holder for Reading in Bed

So far, buying the best book holder for reading in bed is in no way difficult. All it needs is a know-how of the specific unit. So, skim through this section to have right-hand knowledge of the primary pointers an ideal holder consists of.


The very first thing you need to look at in a book holder is the weight. You’d never like to have a heavyweight holder in your lap and sit for long. This would be transferring the pains from the back, neck, and wrist to your thighs.

Try to have one lightweight option. Remember here that the weight is directly proportional to the material of your book holder. One of metal would always weigh higher than the plastic and fabric.


It’s crucial that your kindle or book fits well on the book holder you are about to buy. In that regard, you must peek at the length and width of a particular holder. So, one’s valuable and worth the money you invest.


The avid reader is everyone that loves reading a lot. In which category do you fall, though? Do you love to read thick books of ‘Stephen King’ or are thin books all you prefer? Always analyze this since your book holder should hold a number of pages.

Another factor in peeking here is the tips. Make sure the book holder you are about to buy has soft rubber tips. Otherwise, it might tear the pages of your favorite book.


Different materials of book holders are available in the market. While some are made out of fabric, others have metal and aluminum, and a few are plastic. Mostly metal holders are a floor-standing design that frees your hand and lap.

Aluminum is the second runner-up and sturdy material after metal. Fabric holders, on the contrary, are called pillow book holders. They are incredibly portable and lightweight. Budget-friendly is also their special feature.


The maximum adjustment is all that it requires for your convenient and stress-free reading. Make sure to check the height and angle adjustment of your selected book holder. One should be able to bring the book to your eye level or a bit high.

Correlating with the adjustment is its performance. It is pretty crucial that your book holder adjusts easily. And, in case it consists of wheels, they should move smoothly on the surface of your home.


The last thing to look for in a book holder is the price. If you are short on budget, you can go for the fabric holders. And, if that’s nothing of high importance for you, there are plenty of sturdy options available above.

Out Recommendation of Top 8 Best Book Holders for Bed Reading

DesignBook holderRetailer
Best Pick1.  LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Rolling Floor Stand
Check Price
2. Lightweight Aluminum Book Holder
Check Price
3. Wishacc Book Stand
Check Price
Staff Pick4.  The Book Seat Support for Reading Books
Check Price
5.  Uncaged Ergonomics Book Holder
Check Price
6.  ROUNDS Book Stand
Check Price
7.  Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest
Check Price
Budget Pick8.  Mind Reader LTADJUST-BLK
Check Price

1.  LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Rolling Floor Stand

Best Pick
LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Book Stand for Hands Free Reading

Levo has a series of holders for multiple devices, including phones and iPad. This one is made for kindle and books of even more than 700 pages. Matter not if you prefer reading through an e-device or paper book; it has your back.

Exquisite Materials

Heavy base made out of iron help the stand to stay firm. The aluminum post, both horizontally and vertically, also constitutes this. Forget not here that it has rubber on all four sides from where it holds your device to prevent ugly marks.

Extremely Flexible

On the maximum height, the stand measures 56 inches. It is flexible enough and allows you to spin, ascend, descend, and tilt from top to bottom. Not only has this made it a good book stand for bed but for living room and kitchen.

Smooth Wheels

Accepted that 28.6 pounds of weight do make it heavy, but that’s okay with wheels. They slide smoothly on both hardwood and carpeted floors, no matter what type of surface you put them on. Due to this, you, your husband, and your baby can use it from time to time.


  • Heavy base provides stability
  • Fine finishes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Entirely flexible


  • A few devices don’t fit well with cases

2. Lightweight Aluminum Book Holder

Ergonomic pillow Book Holder

If you have no specific choice in books and love to read thin as well as thick books, this is one of the best options to avail. It holds everything with the rubber tips it has. However, they are a bit stiff, and the positive side is that the pages won’t turn easily.

Wide Range of Variety

Be it color and size, there’s a good choice you can pick from. Both white and black color holder goes well with the furniture. It allows you to put on it your desired book without leading you to pain.

Lightweight and Compact

With 1.68 pounds, the stand is extremely lightweight compared to other options available. Portability along with compactness are its key features as it has a dimension of 15 x 10 x 1.5 inches. So, you can move it here and there.

Adjustable Height and Angle

While it takes both of your hands for adjustment, it’s worth it. You can change its angle and set it anywhere between 360 degrees to enjoy reading while lying and sitting in bed. Both the stand legs are also customizable so that you can bring the book to your eye level.


  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Color and size choice
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable built


  • Clamps are hard to move

3. Wishacc Book Stand

Wishacc Book Stand for reading in bed

Unlike other book stands for bed, this one has a hand carry holder. It allows you to lift the stand so you can easily export it to the place you store it. Count in here the looks of the holder that are outstanding and will never let your room’s vibe down.

Excellent Built

The stand is a blend of bamboo and cushion. Where bamboo arrests the eyes with the nice touches, cushion, when placed on your lap, prevents you from irritation and cumbersomeness.

Extras Holders

A section on the surface of the holder is made to carry your phone. One strap is also located on the side of the stand. So, you can keep the extras within your reach and read stress-free.

More than a Book Holder

It is 11.4 inches wide with 15.5 inches in length, so you can even work in the bed while putting your laptop on. Everything, including your laptop and book, would stand safe on it due to the soft needles plugged.


  • Hand holder
  • Storage areas for handy items
  • Soft from the back
  • Wide and sturdy


  • Lack adjustability

4.  The Book Seat Support for Reading Books

Staff Pick
The Book Seat pillow pad

Picky-on-color readers can have nothing better than the book seat bed book holder. Other than green, it has six other colors you can choose from. Along with providing functionality, it aligns with your hobbies and style.

Easy Page Turning

Annoying and focus shooting is when you try to turn the page through most of the holders, and they are stiff enough. Nothing of the sort will happen with this. As it has plexiglass, all you need to do is pull it towards you, turn the page, and raise it back up.


Along with the affordability, the lightweight of 8.8 ounces is what makes it an excellent option to buy. It’s also a fine book holder if you travel frequently. There is a handle on the top through which you can dispatch it along with you.

Holds a Lot

Take not the functionality of this pillow book holder lightly. It holds from thin to thick books of more than 1000 pages. So, matter not whatever type of book you like reading, this will be all there with you on the bed along with being soft against your skin.


  • Lightweight
  • Holds multiple types of books
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Turning pages is difficult sometimes

5.  Uncaged Ergonomics Book Holder

Adjustable Height and Angle Ergonomic Book stand

No matter your age, this book holder is fit for everyone in the house. It comes in multiple colors and sizes that clench a lot of books despite their size. So, you can lick every novel, story, or comics when in your bed.

Lightweight yet Sturdy

Made out of aluminum, it is 5 pounds and still very sturdy. So, you don’t have to drag a holder to bed for reading peacefully. Count in here the lenient price compared to other book holders, and it turns out an affordable option.


Adjust the height of the holder anywhere between 0-21 inches from the surface to bring it to your eye level. If you are not satisfied with the height adjustment, also adjust with the angle. However, the process is tricky as it demands pressing the button on the opposite side along.

Wide Legs

If you are a student and make notes in the bed, it is versatile yet the best option. The legs of the holder stretch up to 18 3/8 inches, where you can place your notes. So, it’s a win-win for everything involving your book.


  • Height and angle adjustable
  • Rubberized pads
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Stretchable legs


  • Adjustment is challenging

6.  ROUNDS Book Stand

ROUNDS Book Stand for Bed

If you are not interested in the pillow book holder, neither the floor stands, clamping stand like this one is a good option. It is a modified design with a clamp you can attach to the headboard of your bed and then easily enjoy your thick books, whether on paper or in your kindle.

Integrated Light

The most appealing feature of this stand is the light it is installed with on the page holders. Switching it on and off is just far apart from your one touch.

If you are a night owl and love reading your book in the darkest hours, it’s a stealing deal to prevent eye strains. Remember that the light needs charging with the USB cord, though.

Easily Adjustable

You can tilt and adjust it to bring it to eye level. It’s totally adjustable and keeps your neck from bending back and forth. Whether you lay on your side or straight on your back, it will be all there.

Holds Multiple Books

Having this book holder, you can insert your thick books of almost 500 pages in them. That said, it opens the door for reading anything of the mood.


  • Integrated light
  • Easy to adjust
  • Sturdy clamp
  • Holds thick books


  • Tricky to take books out

7.  Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest

Peeramid Bookrest Pillow Book Holder

From all types of book holders, if you’d like to pick a pillow book holder, have Hog Wild. The very first reason is the prices it offers you, and second is the tag “Made in the USA” which makes it a reliable option.

Eight Exclusive Colors

It comes in eight bright and appealing colors including, blue and burgundy. So, you can match one with the vibes of your room. Besides, it’s a pyramid shape holder, making it even more unique. And, thanks to the polyester material, it doesn’t catch stains quickly.

Tiny, Portable Appearance

13 x 13 x 6 inches makes it very portable. You can sit with it on your bed, in the living room, or export it on the long flight you used to have every month. It frees your hand from work, and neck, and back for pains you encounter after long hours of reading.

Built-in Pockets

Besides being super cute, the design also has two pockets. Very small but they are fit for the glasses, pens, highlighter size of things. The most exciting part is that it holds even a thick book of ‘Stephen King’ in both straight and tilt position.


  • Great for hardcover books
  • Beautiful colors
  • Affordable price tag
  • Soft and have a tassel


  • The base is a bit short in height

8.  Mind Reader LTADJUST-BLK

Budget Pick
Mind Reader pillow book holder

Available in Other Colors: Yes

If you chance a pillow book holder for its soft and comfy base against your bed and lap, you’ll also like this holder. The Mind Reader book holder is made out of plastic from above, while it has a cushion below. It is all nice and comfortable.

Multi-Position Recline

Eight marked positions are there on which this book holder reclines. It goes all the way down if you want and straightens if you are active enough. Adjustment of the unit is effortless for even the elderly or a kid. Its highest angle is 40 degrees from the desk.

Versatile yet Cheap

Plastic in manufacturing makes this holder a cheap option. However, it’s sturdy and versatile enough to hold laptops, tablets, and books of 14.62 inches in width. This makes it a convenient design still top-notch.

Stand on the Front

There is a stand that clicks out where you can position your device or book. It allows your reading material to stand vertically while lacking page holders. One of the most significant drawbacks as a reader might be this, but it’s good to go if you can manage without one.


  • Cheap unit
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Soft cushion at the back
  • Adjusts to eight different positions


  • Dust settles in its nooks
  • Lacks page holder


Having the best book holder for reading in bed is pretty important. One saves you from the back, neck, and arms strains. Alone checking the weight, dimension, material, adjustability, and compatibility can get you that.

Our pick from all the floor stand is LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Rolling Floor Stand and The Book Seat in the pillow book holders. Both of them have excellent looks, are functional, practical, and still appealing.

By the way, how many hours do you read every day in bed? And, which of these holders admired you the most?

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