Top 10 Best Book Page Opener, Holders, clips to hold a book open in 2020

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It gets hard to hold book page open by one hand or sometimes you can’t even use any single hand, especially while doing exercise on a treadmill, taking notes, cooking etc as a result you have to face a problem of turning page by itself due to little pressure of air and sometimes book closes automatically when you are reading a thick book.

In all these situations you need a book page holder, opener clips which hold book open while reading and let you free your hands.

Reading is a great habit and if you want to develop reading habit within you, you have to make it easy, enjoyable with the help of tools and gadgets to maintain this habit.

If you do not enjoy any habit, there is a great possibility of quitting it. Now, think in an opposite direction, when you enjoy any habit, you will continue doing it.

Here I will provide you the list of best book page opener, holder, clips that will hold book open while reading. These book opener, holders or clip work with all kind of books, whether it is music, recipe, comic, art book or whatever you are reading. After reading this article you will never ask again how to hold a book open without hands?

List of Top 10 Best Book Page Opener Holders, Clips

1) FlipKlip Portable Book Page Holder

FlipKlip Portable Book Page Holder

FlipKlip book page opener is made specially to use on a treadmill while reading a book and doing exercise at a time. It would keep the pages open and solid without them slipping due to the movement of the treadmill. But it can be used beyond the treadmill like taking notes, cooking, read in restaurants while dining alone instead holding a book open with your arm, cellphone, sunglasses case.

The FlipKlip has two hinges and clips over both sides of the book across the spine. It holds the book open flat. Turning pages is a snap by just slightly lifting one arm of the clip.

It works with books of all sizes. The material is lightweight but seriously sturdy. The rubber grips, but doesn’t attract prints or dust. The spring is sturdy but also has some give beyond the max, preventing damage under pressure. It is small enough to take it in your pocket and after reading you can attach it will a book.

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Turning Pages is so easy
  • Available only in blue color
  • Not work well with a very thin book

2) Gold Clip- music book clip or page holder

Gold Clip- Book Mark and cook book Page opener

Gold clip book page holder is made specially to use with a piano book but it also works on cookbooks, textbooks but it is not appropriate to use with a thick book, (if you try to use it, it will break).
Very easy to use, just slip the metal prongs into the top of the book to see the page you want to keep open, and it will stay open. If there is a page to flip, just avoid clipping that page.
It holds the piano books open just like you would expect. But be aware while removing it from a piano book because once it drops from your hand, it will stuck between the key cover of the piano and then you may face great trouble.

  • Comes in a jewel case
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Not work well with thick books

3) July miracle book page Holder

 July miracle book Holder, book Page holder, opener

If you are housewife or cooking expert and are looking for a holder for your recipe book, then your searching will end here. You can hold your recipe book on it and make delicious food.

It will place your recipe book in a direction that you don’t have to look down, instead look in front of you.
It can also work amazingly with all kind of thin books.

Angle of the book holding section can be adjusted to different settings.
Lightweight and compact, easy to use and bring, size: 22*19cm.
Super portable, conveniently folds away for storage and saving space, also easily fits in the backpack.

  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Super portable
  • Not suitable for thick book

4) Clear Transparent book Page opener/ holder

Clear Transparent book Page holder, opener

Transparent book page holder is best to use with thick or medium-size books because with thick books you have to make a great effort in order to keep the page open but with this, you can easily hold page with a little or no effort.
You can use it with cookbook without any fear of getting wet or dirty and you can eat and read at the same time without any fear of getting stuff on the pages. Once it becomes dirty then you have to wash it otherwise it will blur the page and you will be unable to read a certain part of a page.

You have to pull up a page holder in order to turn a page and you may have to take a little bit effort due to its 410grams weight, which is a heavyweight for a child but its not a big deal for a young person.

  • washable
  • dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Heavyweight (410g)

5) Yonor Wooden Book Page Holder and opener

Yonor Wooden Book Page Holder, opener,

What’s more annoying is that since you have to hold the book with both hands, your actions are limited, especially while you’re standing up and commuting.

Yonor book page holder acts as a thumb ring and the wings on either side hold the book open, so you can enjoy your favourite novel with just one hand while you’re reading in bed, on the bus, train or outdoors, keeping your hands free for a cup of tea, and a glass of wine or popcorn.

Once finish reading, place the tip of the wing on top of the book and use it as a bookmark

  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Different Colors
  • Put some effort to push thick books

6) Bracket Book Page Holder / Opener

Bracket Book Pages opener, holder

It is not only a page opener/holder but it is a book holder also. You can use it without involving any single hand. Just clip it to a book and place it on a table or can hold a book in your hand.
Turing page is so easy with this holder and I guaranteed that you would love it after using it.

Works well with all kind of books especially with hardcover books but it isn’t great for too large books which are greater than its size and the size is fixed. It holds large hardback books making it nice to lay on a pillow and just flip pages as you read.

  • adjustable
  • can be folded for travel
  • lightweight
  • Not super flexible

7) Bookmark/Weight book Page Holder/ Opener

Bookmark/Weight- book Page Holder, opener

Weight book page holder is simple yet effective page holder.
This page holder is fantastic for holding your pages down and also as a conversation piece. By the way, it does not come wrapped in cheap plastic. It has its own beautiful slim box. The top has a matte finish to prevent dirt and lint buildup.

This is such a great item. I think it makes a great, and practical gift for any reader that you know. Buy 4 or 5 of them for your friends, they’ll love you for it!

  • Waterproof & Washable
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Attracts dust & pet hair

8) Two Solid Brass-cast Hand–Shaped book Page Opener/ Holder

This set of two classy hand-shaped book clips are made of genuine solid brass and can be used as book page opener/holders, bookmarkers, page makers, whatever you call it, allowing you to exhibit your open books elegantly.

Very easy to use, just clip each clip on both sides of a book. It holds from the edge of one side of a book, not from the centre of a book.

They are a very useful gadget for your desktop and library, ideal to keep a book opened when read or exhibited on a book stand

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Not work well with too thick book

9) Booluee Anchor Metal Book Page Opener/ Holder

9) Booluee Anchor Metal Bookmark Page Holder

Anchor book page opener holder is made of quality zinc alloy, durable and beautiful, smooth to the touch.
Easy to use, just slip the metal prongs into the top of your book to show the page you want to keep open, and it will stay open.

Suitable for most sizes of books, such as magazines, brochures, music books, manuals, textbooks, etc. You can do your own things, play musical instruments, make notes, teach or other things at the same time.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Will break by moving too hard

10) Thumb Thing Book Page Holder/Opener

Thumb Thing Book Page Holder, Opener

Easy to use, Simply put the Thumb Thing on your thumb and pick up a book. The two wings will hold the pages open more easily than if you just used your hand, making reading more comfortable.

Ideal for reading in bed, in the bath or at the beach. Since it allows you to read with one hand, it’s great for commuters, especially if you have to read standing up.
When you are finished reading, place the Thumb Thing in the top of the book as a bookmark. Thumb Thing comes in many different sizes – small, medium, large and xlarge – there is a size for everyone

  • Easy to use
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Small size
  • Available in different colors
  • Pricey


These are some best book page opener, holder, clips which we have listed down for you after went through some research. Every page holder has its pros and cons but every holder is good. You have to choose one according to your environment, the type of book, the place where you read.

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