Top 10 Kindle Holder (Stand) For Reading in Bed- (Sep 2020)

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kindle holder stand for reading in bed

Are you searching for the best kindle holder for reading in bed? or an assistant that holds a kindle device for you or do the job of kindle holder while reading in bed?

As a kindle and Tablet user you enjoy browsing, reading, and watching shows on a couch/in bed but after a while, holding a kindle gets tiring, and it also becomes challenging to balance it on your lap in case, you put it on your lap, and browsing, searching and reading.
So here you will need a kind holder, which gives you relief, control and make it easy for you.

As per our promise we always search for ideas and gadgets to make reading easy, pleasing and enjoyable.
So today in this article we are going to discuss some of the best kindle stands (holder) which will assist you in holding the kindle device and give you the advantage of doing something else while reading, like eating, drinking, etc.

Buyer’s guide for kindle stand for reading in bed

There are some points which would help you to choose the right or best kindle holder which suits you best. In other words, it will clear your mind about which things you should consider while choosing kindle stand

Reading position

The first and most important thing is to evaluate your reading position and posture. Every kindle holder has its own viewing angles.
Suppose if your position is supine(lying horizontally with the face and torso facing up) and you have purchased a holder which has only one viewing angle and that is 40 degree, then you will regret and you have to change your reading position in order to use that holder.
So, this is a critical point which you should take into consideration before choosing one.


Material includes what kind of form has used in kindle holder, what is the stuff of kindle cover, how strong its stand is. If you want to utilize your money then you must be concerned about the quality of a product.


Some kindle devices have a fixed size so kindly compare your kindle device and kindle holder size before going to make up your mind.


Mostly, kindle holders or stand has a variety of colours and you can easily choose your favourite colour.


Some buyers have limited budget or they set a certain amount around which they are willing to spend money on something. If you are not from one of those, this is not a big issue for you.

Now, let’s move to towards some best selling, famous, and top 10 Tablet, iPad, and kindle stand for bed reading.

List of top 10 kindle holders (stand) for reding in bed

1. StillCool Kindle Holder for Bed, Adjustable & Foldable Tablet Stand Holder

If you don’t want to feel any kind of burden on your lap or stomach, try this one. The best part of this holder is, while you are lying down flat in a bed, you can even position the kindle over your head. Position of the iPad/Kindle can be fixed at the perfect angle and the correct height.

StillCool kindle holder is portable, light, easy to use, and is suitable for Kindle, Kindle DX, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, iPad, iPad 2. It can perfectly handle any device while lying on the bed.

With this holder, you are not limited to depend on a particular angle. It also provides the most comfortable typing angle and it reduces our shoulder and neck stress thanks to its unique shape and design. The only thing which you have to do is to rotate it until you find an angle best working for you.

One-Year Guarantee Easy to Carry Compatibility

2. Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand for iPads, Kindle 

Flippy is a simple but effective kindle holder. It gives you the option of three viewing angles. The only thing you need to do is, to rotate it and find the best one which works for you.
It comes in different designs and colours. Washing is so easy just unzip the Cover and through it into a machine because it is machine washable.
Inside the cover, you will get high quality and lightweight form which is soft but sturdy enough to hold kindle device. Its wedge-type design edges help to keep the device stable on it.

3. Tablift Tablet, Kindle Stand for The Bed, Sofa, or Any Uneven Surface

Tablift allows you to use virtually any tablet on uneven or cushy surfaces without having to hold it or balancing it on your body.

The tablift also keeps the iPad or kindle in a rock-stable position, so it won’t move while typing or browsing. You can enjoy reading for a long period of time without holding stand.

Tablift virtually fits all brands and models devices. It has 3 viewing positions, one for sitting up, one for reclining, and one for lying completely flat.
Its doesn’t need flat surface because its 4 legs are flexible so you can keep it on uneven flat surfaces. The stand also folds into a compact size.

4. MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand, Soft Bed Pillow Kindle Holder

Moko tablet holder is another great iPad pillow for reading in bed that has little side pocket in which you can keep phone, pen etc.
Made of Premium materials (Cotton and Linen). It is available in nine different colours. Some of the famous colours are magenta, coffee, denim blue, purple, and red wine.

Lightweight but sturdy enough to place your kindle at a 60° angle, which is the best for reading in bed. It holds your Kindle, iPad or any other device at a better angle so you can read, browse, and type without feeling any stress in your neck.

It is foldable, adjustable and the exterior is removable and washable. After holding down it will give you an option to keep wireless keyboard along with the device.

5. Prop ‘n Go Slim – Adjustable Bed Holder & Lap Stand for iPad, Kindle, Tablet with Multi Angle Control

Prop and go slim is another effective, portable and adjustable iPad/kindle holder for reading in bed. It is made of plastic with a steady, sturdy, and anti-slip surface to hold kindle from slipping. Its 14 predefined angles between 9°and 75°empower you to hold the kindle/iPad at an angle that suits you best.
With this holder, you can swipe, type, and read on kindle/iPad. It is best to use while sitting up and reclining.

6. Tryone Gooseneck Kindle Stand, Mount Holder for Kindle, iPad

Tryone Gooseneck is great for holding a kindle while reading in bed. It is suitable for watching and reading only because once you set it, it will stay there but if you use it with an iPad for browsing, touching and typing, it will shake and bounce.

It is Made of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy, stiffened material, very sturdy and flexible. Suitable for any iPad, Tablet and Kindle device from 4 to 10.6 inches.
Easy to use, attach its tail to the headboard of your bed and put a device violently into it, and enjoy reading. Overall, it is the best option for e-readers to hold tablets or Kindle at the perfect angle when reading in bed.

7. FW ZONE Tablet/kindle Pillow Holder

What makes it stands out from other kindle holders is its price. You will get it at a low price which is as compared to other holders.
Like Flippy it has 3 viewing angles, you can hold the tablet/kindle at an angle according to your posture.
It is ultra-lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your device. The plush polyester exterior is extra soft and unzips for easy cleaning. It will work for you as same as Flippy works. If you can’t afford Flippy, then it will be the best alternative for you but remember the form inside it is not as good as Flippy’s one.
So the choice is in your hand and it depends on your budget.

8. The Book Seat- Book, iPad, kindle holder

Basically, it is famous for holding paperback and hardcover book, but it also performs well with kindle/iPad. Usually, a normal holder needs a flat surface but book seat mold itself to sit at any angle on any surface that you place it.
It is filled with polystyrene beads that enable it to sit in any position, and due to this reason, it makes reading in bed much more comfortable.
It has a little pocket that carries a mobile phone, glasses, pen easily. It has a clear perspex page holder that helps to keep the kindle stable on it and empower you to read hands-free.

9.  MSSOFT (Owl) iPad/Kindle holder for kids

We can’t ignore kids and that’s why we add this beautiful kindle holder which makes your kid happy. If you have a child and want to cherish them with an amazing gift, MSSOFT (Owl) is there for you.

It is lightweight, sturdy, and machine washable. Holds Kindle or book at a nice angle while reading in bed and on a chair. No need for a page holder, it has two lids to hold a kindle or book. Kids can also play with it and they sometimes use it as a floor pillow.

10. OHLPRO Tablet Car Headrest Mount Universal Tablet Holder

In the last, I have mentioned something different. The product is well enough for holding your iPad/kindle. When you go on a long trip it helps you and your kids to cases their device with it and enjoy reading and watching. Compatible with iPad Air / iPad / iPad mini / iPad Pro, Kindle Fire HD. Its multi-angle rotation enables you to read at a different position by adjusting it to get the best viewing angle you want.

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